Xtro 3: Watch the Skies


Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 12%
IMDb Rating 3.6 10 1118

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Lisa London as Melissa Meed
Jim Hanks as Prvt. Friedman
Virgil Frye as Survivor
Robert Culp as Major Guardino
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

An entertaining piece of B-grade sci-fi/horror trash

A ragtag group of misfit soldiers led by Lt. Martin Kirn (a solid performance by Sal Landi) are sent on a top secret mission to retrieve a stash of live ammo left on a remote island. However, it turns out that there's a very angry and vengeful alien on said island.

Director Harry Bromley Davenport relates the enjoyably dopey story at a snappy pace, treats the silly premise with admirable seriousness, and delivers a satisfying serving of nasty gore for grisly good measure. Moreover, the game cast play it laudably straight: Andrew Divoff as the hard-nosed and untrustworthy Captain Fetterman, Virgil Frye as a crazy old guy survivor, Jim Hanks as bumbling goofball Friedman, Karen Moncrieff as the feisty Watkins, David M. Parker as the excitable Reilly, Daryl Haney as raving psycho Hendricks (Haney also wrote the dippy script), and Andrea Lauren Herz as the scrappy Banta. Robert Culp spends his limited screen time as the shifty Major Guardino sitting behind a table in the middle of a hanger. The scenes with the scrawny hilariously obvious puppet alien attacking and killing folks are absolutely hysterical. The cut-rate (far less than) special effects and the ridiculous cougar growls made by the alien further enhance this flick's considerable kitschy charm. A real schlocky hoot.

Reviewed by Magnus Wersen 9 / 10

Great alien in great movie!

It puzzles me that people hates this movie so much, it's a fun and enjoyable Alien / Predator rip-off with no intentions of being a masterpiece. Look, if you want to see Predator, go and see Predator and not Xtro III. It's as stupid as renting Battle Beyond The Stars and expecting Star Wars!

Anyway, a group of marines is stranded on a remote island together with a mean and nasty 2-foot tall alien whose favourite pastime is dissecting humans. The little sneaky alien has some kind of slime that he traps unknowingly B-actors in and he gets invisible as well.

OK, it isn't much of a story but Xtro III has nice effects and is surprisingly gory at times.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 3 / 10

You're better off watching the skies.

A small US military group are sent to a deserted island to dispose any live bombs. When they get there, something not quite right. As they find out that they're expendable objects who would soon encounter one vengeful alien. Through an old hermit on the island they discover that this was a place where they kept an alien species and experimented on them. Not only they have an angry ET to face, but Military intelligence who plan to use them as bait.

While, this is the third of the "Xtro" series, there's no relation between the three films. "Predator" heavily influences this tacky straight-to video Sci-fi fare. One thing definitely is that "Predator" is a definite masterpiece when compared to this cheap, hokey and pitifully vapid effort. Even the actors here, make Schwarzenegger look good! Very embarrassing execution, disastrously inept special effects and daft performances may you think "Oh no. There goes another one of my brain cells" when watching this one-of-a-kind piece of trash. The stuffy film is amateurishly put together with a clichéd narrative that's shamelessly derivative. Reckless characters act tough and spit out macho dribble with attitude. It's pretty mind numbing to listen to, especially when it goes for meaningful conversations. Streaming through is a husky voice-over and a lot white rabbits to hold your attention. Yeah, there's something engaging about those white fluffy rabbits!

Despite finding it quite an irritable and drab viewing, few things hit the mark. There are some quite nasty moments when the rubbery alien decides it's torture time with some blood squirting. The thunderous music score manages a few chilling cues. While the performances are laughably hopeless, but Robert Culp and a slightly amusing Andrew Divoff are the odd exception. While, the make-up effects of the outer space visitor are questionable, it still manages to hold up for its tiny budget.

Director Harry Bromley (who also directed the first two flicks) is really clutching at straws with this flatly handled and too practical project. Imaginative details, gripping suspense and bug-eyed visuals are long gone here. No techniques really stand out in this by the numbers exercise and what he comes up with is mostly ridiculous and ineffective.

Poorly done garbage that turns into a wearisome puddle.

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