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Reviewed by Uriah43 7 / 10

"The Yakuza Wives"

"Hitoshi Awatsu" (Kei Sato) is a high-ranking member of the Domoto Group of the Yakuza who, along with several other Yakuza members, is incarcerated in prison. It has therefore fallen upon his wife, "Migawa 'Tamaki' Awatsu" (Shima Iwashita) to run her husband's portion of the business while he is away. Unfortunately, 3 months before her husband is about to be released, the main boss of the Domoto Group dies of a sudden heart attack which throws the entire organization into chaos. Soon a rival member of the group decides to break away and create his own faction which results in a war with the Domoto Group. While this is going on, the younger sister of Tamaki by the name of "Makoto Ike" (Rino Katase) is raped while on vacation in Guam by a Yakuza member named "Kiyoshi Sugita" (Masanori Sera). Yet curiously enough, she immediately falls in love with him and they eventually get married. The problem is that Kiyoshi is a member of the rival Horyu Group and this puts Makoto on a collision course with her ruthless and determined sister. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that this was an entertaining film which had its share of intrigue and violence. I especially liked the performance of the aforementioned Shima Iwashita who played her role in an excellent manner. In any case, I recommend this movie to those who might be interested and have rated it accordingly. Above average.

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