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Reviewed by rebekahrox 7 / 10

Wacky Fun

There is not a serious minute in this fun and funny city slickers meet ranch-life comedy. It was very well cast and the actors made this even more likable than it had any right to be. Christopher Russell was perfect in a role that fit him like a glove. And when CR is on point, he is the bomb-diggity. Recommend this when only something light will do.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10


This movie was enough different from the formulas to be fun. Still no great highs or lows or surprises, but it made up for that with fun.

The NYC slickers made fun of the stereotype. Throw in some silly karaoke and dancing.

But there were less frivolous romantic moments too. Stephanie Bennet and Christopher Russell had some quiet chemistry.

Another effort to be a little off formula, that moment before the climax where you expect overhearing something which creates a misunderstanding wasn't exactly a misunderstanding. Nothing lame, but real.

Reviewed by imcatholic-08563 10 / 10

Romance + Cowboy Hats + Horses

Whats not to love about this film? Ok it can be a bit cheesy or sappy at times but what rom-com hasn't? If you love westerns, Cowboy Hats, Horses, and a nice unplanned romance then this film ticks all the right boxes. Listen it's not "The Godfather" or "Serpico" and it's definitely not Lonesome Dove but what movie is? So if you're in the mood to have some popcorn and cuddle with your special someone while enjoying a good (not great) rom-com then this will punch your ticket. Besides guys it's about time you let her pick the movie, wait did I just say what I thought I said? Yep too lazy to erase what I wrote and write something meaningful for once lol.

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