You, Me & The Christmas Trees



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Not the greatest kickoff

Two great leads - Danica McKellar and Benjamin Ayers have decent chemistry. They have plenty of screen time.

Too many things seemed artificial. Olivia's problem with her family seems forced and suddenly everything changes. Jack's aversion to change is forced especially how it blows up. All the so-called science about the trees seems more like fantasy especially solving that particular problem in a couple days. The solution to the last crisis is way too easy, even if most viewers knew what caused it almost immediately. Even with chemistry, Olivia and Jack fall in love way too quickly. All the way through the movie, it just didn't seem to flow smoothly.

It's not a bad movie, but it doesn't stand out like the season kickoff should.

Reviewed by aab874 10 / 10

Olivia Arden (Danica McKellar)

Favorite scene with

Olivia Arden (Danica McKellar) - Discovering what Dwayne had done to the Town's Christmas Tree when she runs into his 2 Henchmen and making sure that he pays dearly for it in front of the Town. BTW #1, I Loved this movie! BTW #2, I Loved the Danica McKellar and Jason Hervey Reunion!

Reviewed by MIssM19 5 / 10

Kind of pathetic, honestly.

Jack sells Christmas trees for a living, he is fourth generation doing so and he is very proud of that. Olivia is a scientist, she has several degrees, one of them in forestry (which I just found out it's a thing). His trees are not well so he contacts her to help him during the busy season.

Average. At most. Danica and Benjamin had passable chemistry. You don't spend enough time with the secondary characters to like them. The storyline was okay. I don't know if any of the things she did and say were true but I believed her. Anyways, i'm not here to learn science.

Now onto the things that bothered me.

1. Jack mentions he is 27 years old. Not one soul is gonna believe it. More like 27 years in the business of selling trees.

2. One thing that TRULY annoys me in these movies? The empty cups and suitcases. Danica lifted the suitcase by the handle. It was clearly empty, otherwise it might break or at least it would be difficult.

3. Olivia was a grown woman, why is she complaining to her parents like she is a 7 year old? Just do whatever you want to do. I didn't like that storyline of hers.

4. Two people of color who we barely saw, and that's it. Come Hallmark, more diversity, we talked about this! A few movies a year won't do it.

So... I kind of fell asleep for a minute while watching this. It was okay, not the best one to start the season, but I like both leads so I gave it a try.

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