Young, Stalked, and Pregnant



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Top cast

Lindsay Hartley as Jennifer
Kristin Carey as Emily
Bart Johnson as Mike Collier
Taylor Blackwell as Audrey Collier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeriahswillgdp 2 / 10

Terrible story, even worse girlfriend.

There are many problems with this movie, the worst being how the lead character is a terrible girlfriend, yet it's abundantly clear that's NOT what the writers intended, she is portrayed as the protagonist. Yet, she completely disregards her wonderful boyfriend when she made the decision to give THEIR baby up for adoption. She doesn't even consider his desires at all, like not at ALL, before she "made up her mind".

And THEN its the boyfriend is made out to be the bad guy! Obviously he is upset. She says "he's so absurd, he's awful" because he wants to be a father... actually, just wants her to let him be a part of the decision. Then the parents act like he is some menace because he snuck into her house to talk to her because she was ignoring him. Do you know how rare the kind of guy like Sam is? An 18 year old guy willing to put his dreams on hold, work whatever necessary, to support his girl and baby? He is incredibly selfless, and the girlfriend is selfish and inconsiderate.

And then there's a scene with a lawyer saying, "It's her body, it's her choice, she has all the rights." Um, what? Abortion wasn't even discussed, not once! So no, after the baby is delivered, it's no longer "her body". That line was very strange, and wrong. Mothers have more rights yes, but Fathers do have rights! And should! The fact that they wanted Sam to have absolutely nothing to do with the child is very disturbing because Sam is a really good guy who really loves her.

One of the worst Lifetime movies I've ever seen. Terrible message, terrible story, terrible characters (except Sam).

Reviewed by carolynocean 2 / 10

What's The Point Here ?????

What a terrible movie. But I watched it anyway.

Audrey ,18 yearold teenager gets pregnant by "wrong side of the tracks " boyfriend Sam , and Audrey's snobby , boring , stilted, wealthy parents don't approve .

Enter the boyfriends mother ( Casey ) , who sees an opportunity here , probably monetary , and starts plotting . At least she has a personality , it's the only one you will find in this film.

The whole idea is so stupid, I mean it's basically about an unplanned pregnancy and two families far removed class wise .

Storyline is rubbish, acting is really bad , apart from Casey ( Sams mother ) who did her best with the script that was given her !

All in all, not good.

Reviewed by momsipadonly 1 / 10

Crappy acting and storyline

The entire premise for the story is a college bound student who doesn't want to in any way shape or form keep her baby. The dad offers all kinds of possibilities but she refuses which leads to some pretty horrible things happening so it makes no sense in the end she does exactly what the dad wanted. If she was amenable to it at all why not just agree. Nothing that happened should have changed her mind. Could have been a decent storyline if the ending hadn't made the movie make no sense at all. Acting was your typical crappy lifetime actors.

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