Young Wives' Tale


Comedy / Romance

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Joan Greenwood as Sabina Pennant
Audrey Hepburn as Eve Lester
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kenmyersproject 6 / 10

Not Very Good, but not all bad

During a housing crisis in post-war Britain couples shared accommodations and often times problems arose. This 'comedy' was meant to parody situations of that nature, adding mild slapstick and rapid fire one-liners. It failed miserably back then and on viewing it recently, seemed like a pointless sketch of people wasting their time.

While the British are responsible for some fine films, they also made some very bad ones (often referred to as 'B' movies). No wonder so many up and coming British actors migrated to Hollywood. Critics, at the time had no mercy on Director Henry Cass for this one.

The sophisticated, lovely Joan Greenwood and Nigel Patrick are the young couple the Pennants, and Derek Farr and Helen Cherry, the Bannings, living together in a house with a single female roomer (Audrey Hepburn). Although IMDb's plot summary says the story centers around the young roomer's (Hepburn) infatuation with one of the husbands, it actually centers around one of the wives (Ms Greenwood, who gives a spirited, but sometimes annoying performance). From there comes a series of small situations that, for the most part are pretty lame and not very funny (at least by today's standards,and the critics back then, if you were to believe them, didn't find it funny either).It was better than some of television's new sitcoms however.

It was reported by one of Ms Hepburn's biographers that Henry Cass was the only director in her entire career that 'she did not like working with'. Indeed, Cass was referred to as the 'tyrannical director', often finding actors to pick on for whatever reason. He chose Audrey as his whipping boy, and she only got through the making of this film under the protection of Ms Greenwood and Mr Patrick. Despite all the hell Cass was giving her, she still managed to show a hint of her screen appeal, and natural acting ability. She lit up the screen every time she appeared, and for that reason alone I gave the film a 6 star rating.

Of course, you'd have to be a Hepburn fan to truly appreciate this film. It came out in 1951, but was re-released in 1954 to capitalize on Audrey's success with 'Roman Holiday'. I got my VHS copy from a film collector who was cleaning out his 'attic'. I would watch it again for the historic aspect of it. and because Miss Hepburn's speaking part is extended past those earlier walk-in roles she did.

Overall, worth a watch if you can find a copy, and for me, this is a keeper.

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 5 / 10

Only For Hepburn Fans

This is one of those mediocre British farces from the early 1950s were every one rushes around talking as loudly as they can in the hope that the volume of their speech will make up for the paucity of wit contained in the script.The leading pair are Nigel Patrick in an unusual domestic role,for him anyway,and the delectable Joan Greenwood,who had recently starred magnificently in Kind Hearts and Coronets.Supporting them adequately are Helen Cherry,Guy Middleton and Athene Seyler.However the main matter of note is the featuring of Audrey Hepburn who would not long be constrained by her contract with Associated British picture Corporation.I doubt that she remembered this film with any fondness.

Reviewed by howardmorley 8 / 10

Enjoyable post war British farce

I bumped up the user rating on this film to 8/10 as I was disappointed to see it rated so low at 5.2/10.This 1951 film is mainly acted out on one set - a suburban house - so I suspect it was again another filmed stage play.The plot concerns the marriage teething problems of two couples who share the same house, Joan Greenwood (Sabina Pennant), Nigel Patrick (Rodney Pennant) and Helen Cherry ((Mary Banning - Sabina's elder career minded sister), Derek Farr (Bruce Banning).

After WWII in Britain many married couples had to live with their parents (or in-laws) as mortgages for owner occupied properties were very difficult to obtain then.Many houses had been blitzed and the Government started a "prefab" scheme to rehouse poorer occupants.I was born in 1946 and was therefore 5 years old when this was filmed but I can empathise with the post war economic problems having lived then as a child.

The main problem for ex-actress Joan Greenwood (mother to a 2 1/2 year old son) is to find a reliable nanny after the first one (Fabia Drake) leaves "in a huff".Likewise career mother, Helen Cherry, is mother to a young 2 year old daughter.As Sabina is getting stressed out coping with all the housework (laundry/food preparation/child care etc.), her sister finds a veritable treasure replacement nanny (Athene Seyler) whom she finds in the park.Due to a silly misunderstanding concerning morality with the nanny, the couples have to pretend to be married to each other.

The farce is further complicated by the addition of two friends who regularly pop into the house, Guy Middleton, (Victor Manifold), who is close to Sabina and a 22 year old Audrey Hepburn (Eve Lester), who is close to Rodney.Of course there are pretend affairs, rows, reconciliations in true farce style.The acting is professional rep. standard.This was the first time I had seen this film and I enjoyed it immensely.

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