Your Name Engraved Herein

2020 [CHINESE]


IMDb Rating 7 10 342

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by livingwithchirst 10 / 10

A love movie worth watching

32 years ago and now, there have been big changes for the LGBT community in Taiwan. The movie still successfully builds a romantic school memory - a strong point of Taiwanese films, combined with history and love. In which, a nostalgic love, a troubled love gives you an indestructible tension. A love movie worth watching.

Reviewed by sleepyhowie 2 / 10

Promising story falls flat

This film has a promising storyline featuring two talented young actors but ultimately falls flat due to an incoherent screenplay that implies more than it actually portrays. We are introduced to a number of disconnected scenes that spotlights sporadic moments in the protagonists' relationship without really being able to see that relationship develop; we are told of the characters' longing and suppression of their feelings with nothing to help us really believe it. The film spends way too much time during its first arc to emphasize the conservative time period during which it takes place, but does not fully flesh out the implications or provide a strong contrast to the present, though perhaps the director thought it unnecessary as viewers are already aware of the changes outside of the film. Many scenes serves no real purpose other than to be reminiscent of 2006's "Eternal Summer" or "Call Me By Your Name." Over the past two decades, Taiwan has seen no shortage of mainstream LGBTQ films, some are groundbreaking, while others, like this film, are unoriginal at best and easily forgettable.

Reviewed by thomascamschool 10 / 10

Deep love is simple but hard

In a oppressive era, not everyone was allowed to express or stand up for their own love, so as the characters in this film. Based on a real story from the directer and compared to modern days, the film showed that in one is able to have a chance and bravery to love anyone if he/she is truly important regardless gender or some unfair values of the society.

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