You're Sleeping, Nicole

2014 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 2122

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Marc-André Grondin as Rémi Gagnon
Juliette Gosselin as Maude Cloutier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benighted2005 5 / 10

French Ha?

Tu Dors Nicole is a film that begins in black and white tracing the life of two young girls. One is the quieter one who bemoans the excessive personality of her other friend but doesn't ever show any sort of emotion because she thinks she is above showing emotion.

No redeeming quality in her character other than a willingness to wait for change while it comes without jumping to any station. I think it annoyed people around her too, the way she was, slow, contemplative, waiting for the wind to change.

Overall, I didn't hate or love this film but felt it really lacked any cinematic boldness. I would go as far as saying it was one of the most unfrench french films I have seen trailing the exhausting life of a lost young girl who's brother plays great guitar, and the brothers summer she love/hates..and this other guy who's just awkward.

The saving grace of the film was that little kid who loves nicole. But then, that prevented it from hitting a 4/10 and oh well, I don't recommend this film at all. Ignore this.

Reviewed by larrys3 5 / 10

Nicole's Ennui

Beautifully shot in black and white, and set during the summer in a town in Quebec, this film is intentionally slow-paced as it tracks the ennui of its main character Nicole. The sexy young woman, ably portrayed by Julianne Cote, is trying to navigate herself through such early adult experiences as relationships with men, trying to cope with a most boring job, and getting her first credit card, on which she promptly books a trip to Iceland with her best friend Veronique (Catherine St-Laurent).

With her parents away on vacation, Nicole has been left to look after their house, along with her much older and rather depressive brother Remi. He's constantly conducting jam sessions in the home with his band mates, which is not helping Nicole's insomnia any.

I think one's enjoyment of this movie will depend on how long the viewer is willing to wait, with its very deliberate pacing, for the comedic nuggets to appear. I thought there were some very funny scenes, while others didn't work as well, and appeared too flat-toned and even tedious, at times.

All in all, the deadpan and quirky humor here only is partially successful, in my opinion. The film is written and directed by Stephane Lafleur.

Reviewed by zetes 8 / 10


Odd but wonderful Quebecois film about a young woman, Nicole (Julianne Côté), who is spending a lazy summer at her parents' house while they're away. Much of the time her best friend (Catherine St-Laurent) is hanging out with her, and her brother and his two band members also spend most of their time there, practicing. The mood of this film is quite different: it's very quiet, relaxed. You really get the sense of the ennui of Nicole's existence. Many will find it slow, but I found it both lovely and sad. It's also quite funny. Maybe not laugh-out-loud funny, but slyly amusing. The cinematography is a crisp black and white. I loved it.

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