Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill



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Reviewed by khushisingh-56155 10 / 10

You will take something away while laugh tears roll down your eyes

As someone who has been following the Indian comedy scene and Kanan Gill specifically for years, this makes me proud of the comic and in fact, the person he is today. If you talk bout the humour quotient, right from the first five minutes, I was down with laughter. Though I might love a lot of other comedy specials that release online, hardly any has this effect on it. The special is filled with all sort of punchlines, call-back references and even PJs. Look out for PJs especially. Not only is the special exceptionally funny, it teaches you something. He doesn't preach you anything, he just shares his experiences and how he perceived and perceives life now. And that in itself, leaves an impact on you. Watch this if you don't love life that much, because it will tell you that life isn't as serious as you're making it to be.

Reviewed by atul-bunkar04 10 / 10


The only Indian comedian I can watch in one sitting without cringing at any point. Some down points but the good ones make up for it.

Reviewed by tipu0599 8 / 10

Trailer does injustice to the actual show. . It's hilarious.

It's funny and "relay-table" . Jokes are well written and the show is well structured. . It's kind of evolved comedy with the slice of childishness. Love every bit of it.

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