Youth Without Youth


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
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Matt Damon as Life Magazine Reporter
Tim Roth as Dominic
Alexandra Maria Lara as Veronica / Laura
Anamaria Marinca as Hotel Receptionist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sandgrainday 8 / 10


I'm quite upset that this film is rated so low and so few people are interested in the film. Youth Without Youth is a masterpiece. The story is thought-provoking, even though it doesn't really provide answers to the philosophical questions it raises.

I guess that's why many people don't like this film—everything is so vague. It doesn't explain the scientific reasons behind those many weird things in it, because it's not Marvel Comics. It doesn't have a complete, detailed, linear story line, because it's not a telenovela. It's all about philosophy and religion. (The original writer Mircea Eliade was a philosopher and historian of religion.) Some people must have this deep fear that their life is meaningless—I know I do have this fear—your very existence is meaningless, you have lived in vain. Then what gives meaning to life? Dominic Matei's search for the origin of human language is more than an academic research, is a search for deeper understanding of humanity itself. From a religious point of view, because "in the beginning was the Word" and language was given to human (not created by human), it's also a search for metaphysical knowledge.

Almost inevitably, Dominic fails; worse, he can never be with the love of his life. To some extent, his attempts and failures represent any person's attempts and failures.

It's a good film that leads to some musings about life.

Reviewed by mokono 6 / 10

Heavy on dreams and light on philosophy

This is an intriguing pleasant movie which takes you through several stages of suspension of disbelief and then leaves you with "in the end it was all a dream?"

However, I can guess that the book format would fit more with the philosophical aspects of it. You can see that a lot of big philosophical questions are approached by the mechanics of doubling your personality through multiple consciousnesses, then mixed with Orientalism and soul transfers... even some telekinesis... in short, it's a bit of a mess. Still pleasant to watch, but you get the feeling that there would be a deeper message or at least more development into the various teams, but instead we have more like a short safari through various aspects of these beliefs.

The love story part of it is also not particularly interesting - it offers, for no reason, a duality between work and love. The love is the sort that is automatic and axiomatic - the work is seen as very interesting but we only know it's about the origin of languages and, purportedly, their evolution into something post modern languages. Guessing that since it doesn't really exist (if it ever will) limits recounting anything about the future, but the past analysis is also not particularly developed.

So, pleasant watch, but nothing to get particularly excited or introspective.

Reviewed by grantss 6 / 10

Too clever for its own good

Interesting, with mountains of potential, but ultimately disappointing. The movie was set up to be something very profound, but then drifted and failed to make a point. Still has enough coherent good ideas to be half-decent, but things could have been a whole lot better.

The plot is where this lives and dies, and it is pretty convoluted. Kind of reminds me of Benjamin Button meets Inception, if directed by David Lynch (not that it is, it is just weird enough to be a David Lynch movie). The complexity turns out to be its downfall, as you get the feeling the writer had nowhere to go eventually. The script is too clever for its own good.

Director Francis Ford Coppola must bear much of the blame, as he wrote the screenplay (adapted from Mircea Eliade's book), as well as directed the movie. Direction is good, but is hampered by the plot.

Tim Roth puts in a solid performance in the lead role. Lesser-known Alexandra Maria Lara is good, and very beautiful, as the love interest.

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