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Reviewed by DetectiveBurst 2 / 10

Holes Everywhere

I wanted to like this film, but there were so many gross leaps of logic that I just kind of gave up. At the end we see our two lead characters wander into a radiation zone where a bunch of nuclear missiles are buried. Okay, fair enough. So, we are led to believe there was a nuclear war, right? Well, how do you wind up with a population problem -after- a nuclear war? In addition, most of the plants and animals on the planet are extinct, right? Again, if so many of the plants and animals are gone, what is this huge population eating? It doesn't make any damn sense. At least "Soylent Green" explained what people ate. Finally, there's pollution everywhere. Well, if there's this pollution, and it's so bad you have to wear a face mask when you go outside, don't you think it would accelerate the deaths of thousands of people? Hello? This script didn't give any explanation to a lot of things. It just expected you to come along, regardless if it made any sense.

Reviewed by jcplanells3 6 / 10

A forgotten movie

This film was exhibit in the Sitges Fantastic Festival 1972. Geraldine Chaplin was awarded as Best Actress for her play. The commentaries published in SF magazines of their time were enthusiastic. Unfortunately, the film was almost non-exhibit in Barcelona (one week in one theater of double program, and in 1974 in Madrid in the same conditions). Now, there is a DVD edition in Spain, but only in dubbed, not with original voices. This is a film very representative of its time, early '70. The same year when this movie was presented, another SF films ere "Solaris", "A Clockword orange" and "Silent Running": another kind of fantastic or SF films, very different of the SF and fantastic films of today (or even 10 years later...). It is curious to note that some guides and encyclopedias of fantastic films are not favorable to this film, and eve one of them indicates that the movie ends without no sense. At least, the DVD edition shows clearly that the couple arrives to an inland that is a radioactive cemetery, a bitter end for their history. Could be that some versions of the film omitted this end? Certainly, it is not a enjoying movie: it is very sad, very dark. The best scene is, perhaps, when Carole (Geraldine Chaplin) is going to have a baby in the cellar: a very good scene. Z.P.G. is a rarity of its time. It is also another conception of SF movies, now forgotten and missing.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

This is a great example of a great story idea undone by listless direction...and it's a shame as I wanted to like this film.

I love dark sci-fi films--particularly those that portray a dystopic future (where society is horrid and NOT the nice Star Trek sort of world). "1984", "Soylent Green" and "Brave New World" are just a few dystopias that I adored--so I really, really was hoping I'd love "ZPG". However, sadly, the great story idea was completely undone by horrid directing...and I mean horrid.

The film is set sometime in the future--and apparently in the near future. Disease has been virtually eliminated and the resulting population boom has made the planet unsustainable. Most animal life has been destroyed and the air is semi-toxic. And so, to try to stop the rapid decline of the planet and feed everyone, the governments of the Earth implement a new program--making having children illegal for the next 40 years. And, a young couple (Geraldine Chaplin and Oliver Reed) are determined to somehow have a baby and not face immediate execution. I loved this story idea--and it really was strongly reminiscent of "Soylent Green" (a great film).

So why if I loved the plot idea did I give the film only a paltry 5? Well, the director did a particularly lousy job. The film completely lacked life and emotion--and it felt as if almost everyone was half asleep during the film. You'd think there's be LOTS of emotions concerning this birth edict...but Chaplin and the rest muddle through the film in a somnambulistic state. It could have easily been renamed "ZPG--Zero Plot Growth"! And this completely sterile and muted look of the film can only be blamed on the director--especially since the film had some very talented actors (in addition to the leads, Don Gordon was quite capable). I would really love to see this film remade--as the film should have been a clear winner.

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