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Spencer Boldman as Jackson Kale
Aleks Paunovic as Ted Thompson
Adam DiMarco as Adam Thompson
Tony Giroux as Headgear Dork Dancer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eatthis1234 3 / 10


This had potential. Could have been better if they would have found a talented actress for the lead in the film. It is obvious that Disney is trying to make something of Zendaya but honestly she just can't handle the part. She turns in a cardboard performance, and the final dance scene didn't even appear to be choreographed, but instead just thrown together. Even the "evil" character was very bland and just so unbelievable. The actors were all obviously too old for high school as well.

I would not recommend this unless you are a big fan of Zendaya or Spencer and want to watch it for that reason only.

Reviewed by Todda7512 1 / 10

Disappointing and Demeaning to Boys

I have always liked Disney movies primarily because I can watch them with my kids without worry of them hearing or seeing something I would prefer they didn't, until I saw Zapped. Even my kids made comments about how it was "about controlling boys" and was "kind of insulting to boys". Those we're they're words, not mine. The movie is about a girl who downloads an app to her phone. The app is for training "dogs". The app turns out to have magical powers. The magical powers are that it allows the owner to control boys (implied dogs) with verbal commands. Anything the owner says into the phone, boys have to do. It's a dog training app, that controls boys. Does anyone see the (probably unintentional, but still there) unspoken message there? But that isn't all. Boys are presented as immature, "untrained", disgusting, farting, and ridiculous fools. And that is before the controlling app is even introduced. It was one of those movies that I kept growing more uncomfortable with the more it went on. I kept thinking, "OK, the whole demeaning-to-boys thing will end soon and it will get better". But it never did. If the gender of the characters were reversed in this movie and it portrayed girls like this, it never would have been released. Remember, the target audience of this movie is kids. What message is this movie relaying to kids? To boys, it says, "You should be embarrassed of yourself". Disappointing.

Reviewed by CruaverVoidDrake 1 / 10

A movie about a girl with a phone that controls boys. What could go wrong!?

This is a movie about a girl without any logic of any kind. Her step family is all male thus in her attempt to find some control she gets a dog obedience app. This app gets mutated by some means that doesn't make logical sense. The result of this is that the app controls all human males. This results in a girl without any understanding of the consequences of her actions to make vague commands that spiral out of control changing stereotypical boys. She even forgets to lock her own phone. The obvious thing to do with any power you gain is to make sure no one else can use it without your permission. Not to mention this movie contains clichés such as "the tough guy is really a secret softy that comes through for the main character at the last second" and "the popular girl is always evil." This movie is a piece of trash that I suggest no one watch it.

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