Zero Point Five Love

2014 [CHINESE]


IMDb Rating 6.6 10 18

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morganseer 6 / 10

Slightly above average

At an hour and 19 minutes I consider this a full movie rather than a short. It's a film about two young couples who love each other deeply, but must make a choice about their relationship due to external circumstances. Will their choices be for the best for their partners and themselves, or will any of the four regret them?

The film is beautifully shot, well directed and well acted, but it's a character study with a somewhat thin plot. Worth seeing, but will not bring any surprises. I saw it on Viki, for those who would like to look it up.

Reviewed by mg23 10 / 10

Very Cute Rom Com -- You will laugh you will cry

Very very cute and well done rom com... absolutely worth you time to watch a fun movie..

I laughed, I cried, the film explores and makes you think about communication, what's important, health, and selflessness and selfishness... very well done movie..

Reviewed by dealchic 8 / 10

About Two Couples In Love

Two couples intertwined in each other's lives have different endings. Sacrifice, trust and confusion make for a fast past movie that could of been a short series. Thought provoking.

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