Zombie Spring Breakers


Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 3.2 10 714

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Matt King as Karl
Emily Atack as Liz
Mariola Jaworska as Clubber

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darren-153-890810 1 / 10

worst film ever made

So badly wants to be The Inbetweeners with Zombies in Ibiza, so badly written and acted that it actually feels like it was made in 70's.

Zero charm, not 1 likable person in the film.

Matt King from Peep Show, dear oh dear. What was he thinking. I cringed at almost every scene

Im sure the director thought this sounds like a blast when he told his mate his idea.

Horrific film

I've never walked out of a film, and never would, but I can honestly say after 2 minutes I was very tempted.

Reviewed by dazza_dsmith 1 / 10

so so bad

So I'm a big fan of Zombie films, and I have seen some great ones "Shaun of the Dead" and some bad ones which are still watchable "Cockneys v Zombies" And then there is this. This film is so bad its beyond belief, firstly the storyline is completely illogical, the acting is terrible, the characters are unlikable and very 2 dimensional To be fair to it, I did go into this thinking it was going to be bad but thought that like Cockneys v Zombies it would have some humorous bits in it and would be watchable and at least it would have a good soundtrack being that it's based on the Party Island of Ibiza But even the soundtrack was terrible! The only thing this gave me was a belief that if I wanted to get into film making I could make a film better than this

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

The Zombie Apocalypse isn't what it is cracked up to be

A mutated Ebola virus causes a zombie concern. Six young adults go to Ibiza to party and get away. Meanwhile a dumping of 200 zombies off the coast begs the question, "Can zombies swim?" The first 30 minutes sets the stage and establishes the characters. Soon there is a zombie apocalypse and our sextet look for an escape from paradise.

The film combines a British teen sex comedy with a zombie film using mediocre characters and trite writing. The jokes were more crude than funny, with a few exceptions, like the "dude" seen. The production has numerous girls in bikinis plus one nude shot (Algina Lipskis) early in the film as a teaser. More comedy than horror. Made with the adolescent in mind, Guide: F-word. Nudity. Implied sex.

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