Zombie with a Shotgun


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 3.5 10 155

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alex-799-908199 1 / 10

What did I watch

Ramdom rape scene, homeless man in a bsck of van, fbi and cops going for shoot to kill and ask questions later.

There wasn't a story, way too many drone shots of the town, no sense or direction, random shots of cult work with repeated locations and flashbacks. Over exposure and nothing adding up.

How do people feel when they've watched what they filmed.

Reviewed by kgribz 1 / 10

Just awful all round

Absolute crap. I got half way through, nothing had happened apart from some dreadful acting, terrible writing and super awkward sex scenes. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by shiner310 1 / 10

Why does this movie look like a porno?

So, I'm not familiar with the origin of this story -- title caught my interest. And it is nothing like I expected, and am dumbfounded by all these glowing reviews. They must all be 'investors' who want to turn a profit. Within the first five minutes, we witness a rape -- or at least the highly censored and edited version of a rape. A few minutes later, we have a love scene - again edited so no naughties are shown, but you know they're on the editing floor -- or on the dvd you can order. and the rest of the movie follows suit -- a terrible movie, horrible production value - but does have those abbreviated sex scenes.

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