Zombies of Mora Tau


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 12%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 979

Keywords:   murder, zombie, africa, treasure, treasure hunt, voodoo, shipwreck, underwater, diamond, swamp

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10

With such lousy acting and poorly written dialog, it's sometimes hard to tell which ones are supposed to be the zombies!

Years ago, a ship sunk and it contained a chest filled with diamonds. However, each expedition that attempted to recover the treasure was eliminated by zombies who guard the wreck! can a new expedition manage to salvage the diamonds once and for all? Or, will they all soon become zombie chow?

This is an odd film, as not only do the extras playing zombies act like the living dead but some of the actors playing non-zombies seemed to think they were zombies as well! The acting, in some cases, was simply horrible. My favorite was when one of the women was supposed to be afraid. My daughter and I couldn't tell if this was the case or if she was just having an asthma attack! It also didn't help that the dialog was simply horrible as well. While this could have been a fun little horror film, it's really just an un-fun little horrible film! Dull and rather stupid. So, despite this coming from a respectable studio (Columbia), it looks every bit as bad as a film from an earlier poverty row studio like PRC or Grand National.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 4 / 10

Never have I had such a great time watching something so dreadful.

Watching this with the same year's "Voodoo Woman" was a hoot for a double bill of zombie flicks that I think I'll make an annual treat of watching these two together. This one is actually better but that doesn't make it a classic even though it has a terrifically spooky atmosphere and some truly campy performances. The plot deals with a diamond plantation where a curse has seemed to turn every diamond hunter into a Tor Johnson lookalike. That doesn't include Allison Hayes, a nasty member of a visiting group who only said a pleasant word once and that was in a weak moment.

She's the wife of expedition leader Joel Ashley who is jealous over her interest in handsome partner Gregg Palmer who has absolutely no interest in her. They are staying at the plantation of the elderly Marjorie Eaton who seems to doing a Judith Anderson impression in the attempt to turn her character into a tragic Greek heroine, that is a very old one. Eaton's great granddaughter, sweet Autumn Russell, has just arrived, and not knowing about the presence of the walking dead or her great granny's secret, is horrified when her cab driver simply runs one over.

in all fairness, the zombies actually resemble a variety of those that we had seen 25 years before in the cult classic "White Zombie" starring Bela Lugosi. However, there are more than just a few who do look like the hefty Mr. Johnson, and it's very funnyto see them try to lift themselves out of their crypts. Eaton gets a very dramatic monologue and truly commands that scene, while Hayes is an absolute shrill harpy to everyone around her including Russell who has won Palmer's affections. Appropriately foggy and dark, this is a fun B movie to watch with all of the lights completely off which really adds to the fun.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

An enjoyable 50's zombie horror picture

A zombie captain and crew guard the treasure of a sunken ship. A motley assortment of scavengers risk their lives to retrieve the fortune in diamonds hidden inside the vessel. Competently directed by Edward L. Cahn, this endearingly hokey low-budget horror flick moves along at a reasonable clip and offers a fair amount of creepy atmosphere. The underwater scenes are especially tense and gripping. The excellent cast of familiar 50's B-movie faces adds greatly to the silly fun: Gregg Palmer as hunky, stalwart diver Jeff Clark, Allison Hayes as the snippy Mona Harrison, Morris Ankrum as the sage, friendly Dr. Jonathan Eggert, Autumn Russell as the sweet Jan Peters, Joel Ashley as the gruff George Harrison, Marjorie Eaton as the wise Grandmother Peters, and Gene Roth as Sam the chauffeur. Benjamin H. Kline's dark, moody cinematography and Mischa Bakaleinikoff's shuddery'n'spooky score are both solid and effective. An entertaining fright feature.

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