1934 [FRENCH]

Crime / Musical / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 572

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Jean Gabin as Jean
Josephine Baker as Zouzou
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

more an interesting film curiosity than anything else

Other than he infamous "banana dance", most American audiences know very little about the super-famous expatriate, Jospehine Baker. Her films are very rarely seen in this country. Since I really like French films and love 20th century history, it only seemed natural that I seek out this film.

As far as the film goes, it's a rather ordinary musical much like 42nd Street or Footlight Parade, though not quite the quality of these two films. There are some Busby Berkely-style dance numbers, and all the normal clichés associated with the genre--with the addition of Ms. Baker and a young Jean Gabin (before he became a lot more famous). The only real problem was that it sure looked like the writers just weren't sure what to do--create a romance between the leads or not. Plus, maybe I wasn't watching close enough, but despite Baker's character being in love with Gabin's, I wasn't sure if the writers intended they were supposed to REALLY be brother and sister (or half-brother and half-sister). If so, this made it all seem kinda icky.

FYI--parents should know that although this is an older film, there is some nudity. It's not super explicit, but does occur in the film.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 5 / 10

Josephine Baker struts her stuff

Josephine Baker left the United States to escape the racism here, moving to France. In Paris she became a sensation. Her talent is on display in Marc Allégret's "Zouzou". The plot is a lot of the stuff that we saw in Hollywood's musicals of the era, but how can you not love Baker's dancing? If nothing else, you gotta see it just for that.

Reviewed by tavm 6 / 10

Even in French, it's a pleasure to watch Josephine Baker in Zouzou

After several years, I finally discovered this-Josephine Baker's first talkie feature film from France. The YouTube upload I watched had the option of turning on the English subtitles but after a while, I had to turn that off because what I read didn't make sense to me. So watching without understanding the French language was a little unusual for me though when Ms. Baker sings in that tongue, it's still a pleasure to behold. Having read the synopsis on Wikipedia and this site, it's the kind of story you see here in the states at that time except it wouldn't be between two different races, that's for sure! So on that note, Zouzou is worth a look.

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