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Skip the egg hunt. You’re always a winner with us.


Get NordVPN's 3-year plan. It comes down to just $3.49 per month!

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The security you need.The features you will love.

independant auditors

Strict no-logs policy. Audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. We don’t track, collect, or share your private data.

IP protection. Pick a NordVPN server and browse under cover of its IP address. Your IP and location will remain a secret.

Private access. No one can see what you do online and get their hands on your internet data.

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Secure connection. Protect your private data from cybercriminals with top-tier, AES 256-bit encryption.

Automatic Kill Switch. If a VPN connection accidentally drops, Kill Switch blocks your device from accessing the web.

CyberSec technology. Protects you from accessing dangerous websites that host malicious software.

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No bandwidth limits. Go ahead and watch another episode – with NordVPN, your bandwidth is unlimited.

Bye, bye ISP throttling. Stream your favorite TV shows and movies securely, with no interruptions.

Worldwide access. Connect to thousands of servers in 59 countries to securely access any content, wherever you are.

Customer support 24/7. Have questions? Live chat with our customer care team or drop us an email.

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Blazing speeds. Connect to 5800+ ultra-fast VPN servers to enjoy fast and stable connection anywhere.

Quick Connect. Hit that button and instantly connect to the fastest server available at the moment.

Fast and safe P2P. Hundreds of servers around the world optimized for secure and smooth file sharing.

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One account, 6 devices. Protect yourself, your friends, or household without buying multiple accounts.

Easy-to-use app. You don’t need to be a cryptographer to use NordVPN. Just pick a server and connect.

For all your gadgets. Get NordVPN for your phone, tablet, and laptop. Don’t forget your smart TV and router.

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The largest VPN server network in the world

Pick among thousands of ultra-fast VPN servers worldwide. Enjoy fast and stable connection wherever you are.

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Blazing speeds

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Unlimited bandwidth

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But don’t just take our word for it

Is NordVPN the best VPN service for privacy? Let’s ask our users and tech experts.

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As VPN services go, it's hard to beat NordVPN. It has a large and diverse collection of servers, an excellent collection of advanced features, strong privacy and security practices, and approachable clients for every major platform.

Max Eddy

Software analyst, PCMag

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The bottom line here is: When you’re online, you don’t have to worry about being secure or about your information getting out there if you have a VPN. NordVPN makes it simple.

Tech of Tomorrow

Tech reviewer, YouTube

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Best Value

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It's time to take cybersecurity seriously

While you may think you are safe online, these real-life stories prove otherwise.

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